[Seaside] Seaside 2.7a1 versions 169

Michael Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Mon Feb 12 22:11:38 UTC 2007

> Also I should point out that I asked the question to the list a  
> number of
> times about how we should submit suggestions.  I asked about  
> mantis, posting
> changes, or sending ideas to the list.

I guess I would go with the flow in absence of any policy.  My  
feeling is that most focus is on the list or SqueakSource.

Boris has just posted a suggestion 'Safeguard WAUrl' to the list and  
that seems fine to me.

People have posted mcz files to the list in the past but I'm not sure  
how convenient that is.  What do folks think about creating a  
SeasideSandbox on SqueakSource/Seaside.  You could post whatever you  
like in there and then ask the list for comment referencing your  
version?  It doesn't commit you to putting anything in one of the  
main projects and it allows people to easily consider the code.  To  
be honest if you have some code that you want to re-suggest I would  
just do it and see what happens.



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