[Seaside] [2.6b1-mb.131] URL changes?

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Tue Feb 13 07:13:39 UTC 2007

Okay, what's the solution for? I know I complained about the infinite redirect, but according to my scenario I sent earlier it probably has more to do with cookie changes than the slash, no? I wish I could do more than just yap here ;)


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> > Having no $/ at the end makes it impossible (unless someone can prove
> > otherwise) to run an application in the root (e.g.
> > http://www.somedomain.com) and generate REST-full URLs.
> 'http://www.xxx.ccc' asURI resolveRelativeURI: '?de'
> ==>  http://www.xxx.ccc/?de
> 'http://www.xxx.ccc' asURI resolveRelativeURI: 'abc?de'
> =>  http://www.xxx.ccc/abc?de

For Pier I don't want to just add parameters, but a whole path. So
something like:


Then the root directory turns out to be a problem:


So I changed it to:


That's what this change is all about. It has been in for quite a while
and nobody complained so far. Now we need to look for a solution ...


Lukas Renggli
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