[Seaside] [2.6b1-mb.131] URL changes?

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Tue Feb 13 15:37:57 UTC 2007

Hi again,
The fix is in Seaside-Swazoo (2.6b1.131.1,mbany) and also in
Seaside-WebToolKit (2.6b1.131.1,mbany).
The fix is making sure that path=/ is set in the set-cookie header, like
in Squeak.
Apparently this is needed for the session cookie to be properly deleted.
I also created Seaside (2.6b1.131.1,mbany) that includes your WAUrl
safeguard fix.
therefore if you reload the Seaside bundles using
you should get everything.
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	Oh okay, it may be VisualWorks specific then, I shall take
another look today. If anyone else is on VisualWorks, I wouldn't mind
confirming the issue.
	Hi Boris,
	Like Lukas, I could not repeat this with Squeak.
	But, I was able to reproduce with VW.
	It looks as if the Seaside session cookie is not
	deleted when a new session is started with session
	cookies enabled. It seems to be related to the path=
	parameter in the set-cookie header. So the bug is most
	probably elsewhere, not in the pathString method.
	I'm working on a possible fix.
	Thanks for your patience,

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