[Seaside] [2.6b1-mb.131] URL changes?

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Tue Feb 13 17:17:42 UTC 2007

Michel, that does the trick thanks!

Lukas, seems like my problems had nothing to do with the trailing slash,
so I'd like to withdraw my objection as it makes no difference as far as
I can tell otherwise for what we do here,



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Awesome thanks, I shall check it out,


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Hi again,

The fix is in Seaside-Swazoo (2.6b1.131.1,mbany) and also in
Seaside-WebToolKit (2.6b1.131.1,mbany).
The fix is making sure that path=/ is set in the set-cookie header, like
in Squeak.
Apparently this is needed for the session cookie to be properly deleted.

I also created Seaside (2.6b1.131.1,mbany) that includes your WAUrl
safeguard fix.
therefore if you reload the Seaside bundles using
you should get everything.

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        Oh okay, it may be VisualWorks specific then, I shall take
another look today. If anyone else is on VisualWorks, I wouldn't mind
confirming the issue.
        Hi Boris,
        Like Lukas, I could not repeat this with Squeak.
        But, I was able to reproduce with VW.
        It looks as if the Seaside session cookie is not
        deleted when a new session is started with session
        cookies enabled. It seems to be related to the path=
        parameter in the set-cookie header. So the bug is most
        probably elsewhere, not in the pathString method.
        I'm working on a possible fix.
        Thanks for your patience,


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