[Seaside] Scriptacolous: How can I know the position of a droppedelement ?

Martin Rubi mrubi at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Feb 13 19:06:15 UTC 2007

Lukas, it's exactly what I was looking for.
Many thanks !!

best regards

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droppedelement ?

> I have a container where the user can drag & drop div elements. When the
> user drops an element,

The #onDrop: event of SUDroppable that passes you all the information you 
the event object, the dragged element and the container element.

> I'd like to get the new element position (relative to
> the container), and store it in somewhere in the model.
> I tried to figure out how to get the element new position, but I couldn't.
> Any clues ?

Try something along the following untested code ...

html droppable
    onDrop: (html request
        callback: [ :p | p inspect ]
        value: (html element
            alias: 'arguments';
            property: 1;
            access: 'offsetTop')

... and you should get an inspector within the image giving you some
data about the dropped position.

Hope this helps,

Lukas Renggli
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