Slowness of Scriptaculous? Re: [Seaside] Seaside subsets

Rick Flower rickf at
Wed Feb 14 17:38:14 UTC 2007

Carl Gundel wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Yann Monclair" <yann at>
>> I think ajax has changed the way to see webapps, and we don't want to 
>> have to
>> chage the page anymore, but just to update a part of it. I do that a 
>> lot in my
>> application (maybe too much , when I see the slowness of my calendar 
>> :( ).
> I haven't used Scriptaculous in my work yet, but I hope to (or 
> SeasideAsync).  I'm surprised to hear that it is slow.  I thought on of 
> the important ideas of partial page reloading a la Ajax is that it is 
> supposed to be faster.

I've been using more of the Ajax stuff (ala SeasideAsync) and find it 
works just fine speedwise -- my web-app is only running on my garage 
based Compaq Proliant 6400 (quad Xeon's running at 500Mhz) on Linux and 
find no issues w/ speed.. Of course, that's only with 1 user doing 
development/testing.. Should be much better when proxied up and put on a 
faster (production) machine... I use the Ajax stuff to update a div that 
displays the contents of my shopping cart and other address fields.. 
It's VERY slick and my wife & sister-in-law were very impressed with 
what I've got going in this yet-to-be-done web-app..

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