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Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
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Session protector stores the remote address of a user and checks it for
every request to prevent most obvious session hijacking (url copying),
especially when not using session cookies. There are a number of
limitations, but not many downsides to using it, so it's a good idea to
have it place working with other measures to secure your applications.



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> Avi Bryant wrote:
> [ ... ]
> > - We never use the old WAHtmlRenderer code.  Ok, no surprise there,
> > but in case anyone was wondering, it's all Canvas all the way.
> Ditto..
> > - We never use decorations, ever.  No new subclasses of
> > no #isolate:, no #authenticateWith:during:,etc.  Hasn't come up.
> I've got a WASessionProtector used as part of a decoration and frankly
> I've got no clue what that does for me.. I got it from somewhere
> I might try removing it to see whats missing.. (clueless on that
> Otherwise I'm really not sure what Decorations get you.
> > - We never use any of the standard dialog or widget components.  For
> > us, anyway, the Canvas tags turn out to be the right level of detail
> > for reuse across apps.  We do plenty of reusing components within
> > app, but a generic YesOrNoDialog or WATree doesn't cut it except
> > prototyping.
> No widgets here yet and I'm planning on keeping it that way.  I'm
> 100% Canvas tags too.
> > - We do use halos, and I'd like to use them more, but they do badly
> > with heavily CSS-styled layouts.  Note that I only use them to see
> > page structure and for view source, I don't use the web-based system
> > browser (that's what the RFB Server is for).
> I use Halo's once in a while as well to view the pretty printed source
> or to configure my app -- I also find that my pages' css can goof up
> halo's output, but I can live with that.
> > - We do use the preferences system pretty heavily, with app-specific
> > subclasses of WASystemConfiguration that provide defaults we can
> > override from /config.  But we don't use the baroque multiple
> > inheritance system.
> I'm also using the preferences, though not extensively yet.. It's
> actually pretty cool that I can load my code in from my "Store"
> repository and the WASession is overridden and session timeouts are
> properly set, etc.
> > - We don't use libraries (CSS or Javascript) at all.  We use
> > #updateRoot: and #resourceUrl: heavily to bring in external .css and
> > .js files which the designer controls.
> Ditto.. I was using embedded and #style methods, but have recently
> switched to external files.. Works like a charm!
> > - We use WATask sparingly.  In fact, pretty much the only use is for
> > collecting payment info, which is of course the classic example I
> > always give.
> I don't believe I've got any WATask instances, but I've yet to code up
> my payment mechanism so that may change I suppose.
> > - We certainly do use #call: and #answer:, but much less than you
> > might expect given how much talk there is about continuations.  And
> > the #call: stack rarely gets more than one component deep.  Instead,
> > we're much more likely to conditionally render a child component, or
> > to have a "currentChild" state variable which is constantly modified
> > during navigation.
> None of the #call or #answers either.. I am using a 'currentChild'
> of mechanism that I got from Brian Brown here on the list about a year
> ago.. That went a long way towards working the entire menu system I've
> got now.. I can't thank him enough for his insight, etc.
> > - Except for a handful of those "currentChild" state variables, we
> > don't use WAStateHolder or #registerObjectForBacktracking: at all.
> Ditto..
> > - We do use Scriptaculous, but mostly only the Ajax bits rather than
> > the effects.
> I use SeasideAsync and find it works great for my uses -- I don't need
> the extra features and complexity that Scriptaculous gives -- for now
> anyway..
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