[Seaside] Seaside subsets

Carl Gundel carlg at libertybasic.com
Thu Feb 15 01:57:39 UTC 2007

From: "Todd Blanchard" <tblanchard at mac.com>
>I prefer canvas - but before you go ripping out the old renderer -
> let us remember that some of us have a LOT of components using the
> old renderer and would like very much to not have to rewrite that
> code anytime soon.
> I'd also like to see better support for REST 'landing points'.

Okay, here are my observations about how we're using Seaside.

-Mostly we rely on the very nice way Seaside allows us to compose views out 
of objects.  This makes a lot possible with very little work.  The built-in 
session management is real nice too and it's great to have so many built-in 
components to build with.
-We do use the canvas API in Run BASIC, buy maybe we have a little of the 
WAHtmlRenderer API in there too.  I'd have to go have a careful look.
-We do use #confirm: in a couple of places.  I think this may be the only 
thing we do that uses continuations (unless I misunderstand how that feature 
-I'm not sure what WADecoration is really for.  I know pretty much for 
certain we don't use #isolate: or #authenticateWith:during:
-We haven't been using halos, but I bet when our pages start getting more 
complicated it might be a useful feature.  Perhaps there could be an option 
when using halos to turn off CSS until the halos are put away.
-I'm sure we'll get to a point in our development where something like 
WASystemConfiguration will come in handy.
-As for libraries, we will need those to use SeasideAsync or Scriptaculous, 
-Haven't used WATask, and I'm not sure we will.  But if it's a good 
mechanism for processing payments we may find it useful.
-I'm not sure if we're using WAStateHolder or 
#registerObjectForBacktracking: and even less sure what these things do, but 
perhaps some the objects we use take advantage of this stuff.

Before I see anything change, it'd be great to have solid documentation. 
Seaside is already great so don't rework it, yet.  From Avi's list I'd be 
hard pressed to know what all those features are for and whether or not our 
application relies on them.  I have this terrible feeling that we could be 
even more productive with Seaside if we could just understand it completely.

Boy would I die for good comprehensive tutorials on SeasideAsync and/or 
Scriptaculous.  I've managed to tinker with these things, but I wasn't able 
to get confortable enough to begin using them in my project.  I know that 
I'm going to need to do it though.

-Carl Gundel

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