[Seaside] Re: Slowness of Scriptaculous/seaside? (was Re: Slowness of Scriptaculous?)

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Thu Feb 15 09:14:10 UTC 2007

> I haven't used Scriptaculous in my work yet, but I hope to (or 
> SeasideAsync).  I'm surprised to hear that it is slow.  I thought on 
> of the important ideas of partial page reloading a la Ajax is that it 
> is supposed to be faster.
> Why is it slow?
Using scriptaculous is to me it's really fast !  even updating the full 
page (without reloading) to change the language is instantaneous... 
after if what's displayed need time to be processed (squeak processing 
time) then the display takes time too...

Concerning seaside in general, I find firefox on linux particularly slow 
to run seaside apps (even if scriptaculous helps here, times remains 
longer than accessing the same app from firefox/windows).

Am i the only one (maybe this is my linux version !)?
(for instance see www.lukas-renggli.ch)
- quite fast on windows -> 2s a click update (faster on opera)
- very slow from linux  -> argh more than 5seconds (I really think I 
have a problem with firefox !)

Finally, I like the idea to use mootools.js... looks neat ! probably 
more compact, well commented js and all we need !


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