[Seaside] referring URL

Capewell, Alan alan.capewell at softwareag.co.uk
Fri Feb 16 17:03:41 UTC 2007

I'm really quite confused about some weirdness I have with the referring
url in seaside.
I'm trying to implement the google maps api
(http://www.google.com/apis/maps/) into my app.  To do so I have to sign
up for an encrypted key for the domain/app that my app uses.  (e.g.
http://localhost:9090/seaside).  You then need to include a link to the
google maps script like...

...which should check the key and give you access provided that the
request comes from your domain/app.
I can get this working in Java with Tomcat with no worries what so ever
but from seaside (specifying the same url in #linkToScript: in my
#updateRoot:) I persistently get told the key is for a different url.  I
have tried a number of different keys for variations on the domain (e.g.
with and without seaside) but no joy.
I have left messages on the google map discussion forum but I'm not
convinced I'll get much joy there it seems to be a peculiarity of
Seaside.  Although I can't quite fathom why is there something under the
covers that means the url in the browser bar is not the one being passed
on to google?!!
Any insights would be most helpful
Alan Capewell
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