[Seaside] Squeak 3.9?

Todd Blanchard tblanchard at mac.com
Fri Feb 16 20:44:26 UTC 2007

I could totally use that - I'm expanding my use of logging and I'm  
not really happy with my current solution.

-Todd Blanchard

On Feb 16, 2007, at 12:56 AM, Göran Krampe wrote:

> Hi!
>> I've run into that a number of times.  Stuck on a Transcript  
>> semaphore!
>> It's no fun, but easy to get around and still accepts a user  
>> interrupt.  I
>> need the transcript for debugging, it's almost impossible to debug  
>> threads
>> without it.  I remember just recently Bert and I were talking about
>> modifying the debugger so that it steps into threads (and even  
>> opens a new
>> debugger on the new thread).  I could really use that!!
> I have also hacked Transcript a few times to get around that. But in
> Gjallar we instead use Q2Log (three classes for logging, really  
> simple)
> together with Q2LogMorph that Magnus wrote. (Q2 is the Gjallar prefix)
> It is thread safe but above all does some neat tricks looking at the
> context sender in order to show that in the log. Then the  
> Q2LogMorph has
> three kinds of filtering:
> - By log level. We use the syslog levels.
> - By free text. Just type something in and press enter.
> - By sender. There is a multiselect list up to the left with all  
> senders
> "until now".
> And oh, another note on this - the SharedStreams package on  
> SqueakMap can
> be of help too.
> regards, Göran
> PS. If you think that Q2Log sounds interesting, drop me a private  
> note and
> I will spend the 10 minutes needed to split it out from the Gjallar  
> code.
> It is already independent but has no PI of its own yet and is not  
> yet on
> SM.
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