[Seaside] Problem w/ Canvas Submit button callback..

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sat Feb 17 02:08:05 UTC 2007

Rick Flower wrote:
> Boris Popov wrote:
>> Can you paste #renderFamilySelector:on: here please?
> The odd part is the the code it's complaining about is NOT executed at 
> that point in time.. The liveCallback has already fired.. I've got 
> breakpoints set in every block possible in that routine and NONE fire 
> when I press the "submit" button on the main form.. This just doesn't 
> make any sense to me..
Ok.. Found the culprit..  I had several html select fields on this 
particular page and had callbacks such as :

   (html select) list: #('Blah' ); callback: [self error: 'Should not 
come here'].

Anyway, Seaside was complaining because in this particular case I was 
actually causing the registered
callbacks to be triggered (something I hadn't done when using the 
liveCallbacks).. In this case these
html select callbacks take 1 argument not zero as I've got them coded..

I also had the same problem with my html submitButton -- I had one arg 
specified but it doesn't get one..
Once I cleaned that up, my problems went away -- no more weird traceback.

That was one of the really odd things I've tracked down recently.. I 
guess it would have been nicer had
it told me what block it was executing (the debugger didn't make it very 
obvious), etc.. I'll know better
for next time..

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