[Seaside] ImageSegments as persistence

Romain Robbes romain.robbes at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 18:00:57 UTC 2007

Il giorno Feb 20, 2007, alle ore 6:31 PM, Avi Bryant ha scritto:

>> Very nice. Let me see if I understood you right.. by outpointers  
>> you mean
>> that the image segments must be "closed", I mean objects of one  
>> segment
>> should not have references to objets outside that segment right?
> Sort of.  Your image segment has a root - for me, this is usually
> something like a global MyDatabase object, from which all of your data
> is accessible.  The trick is that before you put out a segment, you
> have to get rid of all references to any of your data that does not
> stem from that root.  This includes your Seaside sessions (WARegistry
> clearAllHandlers), any open debuggers/inspectors/workspaces that might
> hold onto them, maybe DynamicVariables, etc.  You'll know when you've
> got an outpointer because it will take an order of magnitude longer to
> write out the image segment.

	Hi Avi,

Is there a size limit for ImageSegments, or a size beyond which they  
are not practical anymore?
This is not related to Seaside actually, but I was wondering if  
saving an ImageSegment of say 100MB would work.


Romain Robbes

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