[Seaside] Debugging -> Hanging

Blake blake at kingdomrpg.com
Wed Feb 21 02:35:07 UTC 2007

Hey, Seasiders:

	I'm doing some stuff in Seaside and I think I have my set up wrong.

	If I put in a halt or click debug, I get a debug window inside the Squeak  
environment (not the web browser) and often--I'm still trying to track  
down the exact circumstances, but it seems to be related to trying to  
trace--Squeak's windows become unresponsive.

	I can right-click to close it (and it will ask me if I really want to  
quit without saving, which I don't but...) and I managed to get another  
debug window opened once by paging through my stuff, but I can't activate  
any of the internal windows.

	What have I wrought?


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