[Seaside] another seaside mini image + vnc

Martial Boniou Martial.Boniou at ifrance.com
Wed Feb 21 14:23:16 UTC 2007

cbeler_at_enit.fr wrote:
> Concerning VNC, I had a DNU with  the seaside component
> WAVNCController.
>I added #server in the second line of #renderContentOn:
>WAVNCController>>renderContentOn: html
>         html heading: '....'.
>         self server *server*
>                ifNil: [...]
>                ...
>Is it a bug ?

Yes! It's a bug. I saw it some weeks ago and I corrected it in my own 
VNCContoller app but I forgot to mention it.

I didn't look at your image in detail yet but I will. I read a lot of
words about eye-candy things but I think it's not the main goal of the
Pavel work. It's very useful for all seasiders who try to deploy a
Squeak server. I'm fond of those minimalistic smalltalk images.
Squeak is a great tool to develop but I prefer VW for server. I hope
MiniSqueak will change that.

About RFBServer, when I noticed (but it may be changed) that you cannot
save your image when it runs without having a morph alert window: so I
added in my own hackish VNC app a method to save as new version in
background (OSProcess) by stopping it. (It can be ready to run at
startUp via launcher: Smalltalk class>>#addToStartUpList:)

If I get time (I am not very often in front of my computer screen these
days; and that's not a bad thing ;-) ), I will post it for merge on MC.


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