[Seaside] another seaside mini image + vnc

Martial Boniou Martial.Boniou at ifrance.com
Wed Feb 21 15:15:43 UTC 2007

Cdrick Bler a écrit :
| >About RFBServer, when I noticed (but it may be changed) that you cannot
| >save your image when it runs without having a morph alert window: so I
| >added in my own hackish VNC app a method to save as new version in
| >background (OSProcess) by stopping it. 
| Why is it a problem ? maybe you automatically save the image...
Yes. I wasn't clear. I do autosave (new version) and weekly big snapshot via
a Seaside Component. 
| If you have VNC, it's to remote access the image, and then you can 
| answer 'yes' or 'no' and it'll save.
In this case, of course, it's not a problem.

| Anyway, closing RFB is probably better after each modifications... You 
| have the vnc seaside entry point for that (starting closing the 
| applications) in the directory tools. But if you loaded RFB after 
| seaside, it's not initialized... so just execute
| WAVNCControler initialize
For this, you can use startUp too or Unix command to script your
squeakvm startup behavior.

| This make me think I changed the registering of this application to be 
| authentificated...
That's what I did. Those tools (like the browser) should not be
accessed. Your Pier PREditCommand in cdrick.seasidehosting.st should not 
too ;-)


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