[Seaside] upgrading methods

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Fri Feb 23 18:35:58 UTC 2007

Philippe Marschall wrote:
> 2007/2/23, Brad Fuller <brad at sonaural.com>:
>> Philippe Marschall wrote:
>> > FileLibrary is part of Seaside since October last year and since then
>> > has been developed inside Seaside. Merging it is not a clever idea.
>> Clever or not, there are several comments on this ml that suggested
>> merging was preferable to loading. Don't know who said it. In fact, I
>> 'loaded' my first upgrade test of Seaside/Magritte/Pier. It was
>> disastrous. At least now I have the latest Seaside running ;-)
> I feel there is some confusion about loading versus merging.
> Loading replaces the code in you image with the code of the version
> you load. This is similar to checking out a specific CVS/SVN revision.
> Merging tries to figure out what changed between the code in the image
> and the code of a version and only load those changes. Although this
> sounds like a good idea, figuring out takes much more time than just
> loading everything. This is more like a CVS/SVN update.

yep, I got that. Thanks.

> to sum up:
> Loading is the right thing unless you have a branch or local changes.
> You neither need to load nor merge file library.

Why? It's a separate package. Is it now included in another package?

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