[Seaside] Seaside 2.7

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 09:13:08 UTC 2007

Hi Lukas,

thank you for your answer.

When you say

2007/2/25, Lukas Renggli <renggli at gmail.com>:
> - improve the way WATask is working (I have some ideas there)

I thought you wanted to remove this completely. Did you change your mind ?

> Another thing is to get a new web site online, one with a Web 2.0
> style and that looks better than the ones of our direct competitors.
> The goal of the Web site would be to have a:

I think it's really important.

> - provide a common patterns of Seaside application development

This is really needed. They are a lot of possibility in Seaside and we
have to know which ones really work.

> I would suggest to use Pier for that of course, but maybe there are
> some other ideas? The eminent problem is the design. I think I already
> asked twice in this list, but nobody replayed. So I ask again: Could
> anybody propose a nice design (I only need the image, I can do the CSS
> myself) or should we try to start collecting money to pay a graphic
> designer? If nothing happens, seaside.st will simply not change ...

If there is no graphic designer, you might better do something that
you like and then ask the community for its opinion and wishes. The
design will then slowly improve. This is not the best solution
however. And after all, I really like the design of lukas-renggli.ch.


Damien Cassou

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