[Seaside] So where is the "release" version of 2.7 for VisualWorks?

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Mon Feb 26 18:22:02 UTC 2007

> 2.7a1 will stop as soon as Michel published his port to 
> VisualWorks, further bug fixes will be committed in 2.7b1. In 
> the meantime we continue in 2.8a1 with some radical changed ;-)

At the moment, only 2.6 has been published for VisualWorks.
In the public repository, the latest version is 2.6b1.133.0
and corresponds to Squeak 2.6b1-mb.133

This very same version of 2.6 will be also made available on the
soon-to-be-released VW 7.5 distribution, so that you will not
need to be online to get a decently stable and recent version of

The coming VW 7.5 distribution will also include a preview of
Seaside 2.7 (based on 2.7a1-mb.205). No guarantee that this
preview works with the various addons (SeasideAsync, Scriptaculous,
SeasideTestingForVisualWorks, SeasideShortPath, SeasideSettings,
and so forth). The addons are for 2.6.

After VW 7.5 is released, I will start publishing 2.7 for VisualWorks
in the public repository and I will stop maintaining 2.6, except
for bug fixes. I am thinking of changing the numbering so that the
the first 2.7 published version for VisualWorks will be 2.7b1.1.0.
I will also change the numbering on the Squeak side accordingly.
When 2.7 is getting stable for VisualWorks, I will have to tackle
the addons, that should not be too difficult. Here too I will have
to do some renumberings and provide explicit comments to that
addons for 2.6 are not loaded in 2.7.

Let me know if you, the VW Seasiders, need more information.



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