[Seaside] So where is the "release" version of 3.7?

Martial Boniou Martial.Boniou at ifrance.com
Tue Feb 27 13:49:18 UTC 2007

Just a suggestion. Why don't we use a versioning system a la
linux-kernel? This system has a even/odd mark. For example, 2.7 should
be instable/dev and so 2.8 could be tested/stable. So the developer will
save to MC for 2.7/2.9/2.11 etc... and user only upgrade/merge the
2.8/2.10/3.0 version. Thus Lukas et al. continue his work without
thinking about testing and validating and a group of developer (or Lukas 
when he's sure) post a package to the stable repository when it is
tested and stable. Then there won't be any 2.8 ancestors in 2.7 but
simply 2.7 to 2.7 because 2.8 (and even numbers'group) works as a drop

I hope I am clear. But it could be a good solution (awaiting MC3 with
RCS) and not a break for developers. I think it's not too bad as it is.
Of course there is bug and broken issues but this is little glitch we
should tolerate.

Tell me what you think about that. Actually 2.8 can be 2.7-stable but
the only rule is no code upgrade in the stable packages...


stephane ducasse a écrit :
| I would really to see an official announcement for 2.7 (when it will  
| be finished) so that we can market it well.
| Stef
| On 26 févr. 07, at 18:46, Todd Blanchard wrote:
| >I can't say it makes me feel all fuzzy about 2.7 when it is still  
| >marked alpha and people seem to have dropped it in favor of  
| >beginning 2.8.  The latest thing I can see in the repository is  
| >Seaside 2.7a1-mb.205
| >
| >It would be nice to see something labeled 2.7 final.
| >
| >-Todd Blanchard
| >
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