[Seaside] So where is the "release" version of 3.7? - while we'reon the subject

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Tue Feb 27 19:28:22 UTC 2007

Speaking of complexities, we'd stopped paying much attention to versions
a long time ago and primarily use version tree view here, see attached.
Could similar presentation work for MC?


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> On 2/27/07, Dale Henrichs <dale.henrichs at gemstone.com> wrote:
> > For example, I have a version of seaside stored in
> > Seaside2.6g-dkh.18.mcz. This version contains Squeak source and has
> > an ancestor Seaside2.6a3-avi.73.mcz. There will be an equivalent
> > that contains the Gemstone source.
> >
> > After the discussion of the last few days, I assume that the squeak
> > version should be stored in a package called
> > since it contains code that is rooted in the 6a3 branch.
> >
> > My question is what should the version of the Gemstone code be
> > It will be functionally equivalent to Seaside2.6a3-dkh.74.mcz, but
> > contain Gemstone specific code.
> This isn't a direct answer to your question, but - after trying both
> ways, I've found it better to keep the MC version number steadily
> increasing across branches.  So if I have Seaside2.7-lr.100 and I want
> to make a gemstone branch of it, that would be Seaside2.7g-avi.101,
> not Seaside2.7g-avi.1.  That way, regardless of the branch names, we
> can always get a pretty good sense of where a given version fits into
> the chronology just by looking at the name.
> BTW, for those who may feel like we're encoding way too much in the
> names: the reality is that if you're looking at a list of versions,
> whether in a repository or on your harddrive or in a mailing list
> post, most of the time all you're going to see or want to type is the
> filename.  So although it would be great to *also* have metadata for
> all of this (branch, platform, number), I do think it's important to
> talk about naming conventions as well.
> Avi
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