[Seaside] Seaside cache

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Wed Feb 28 20:49:55 UTC 2007

> So, this means that all the state is in the URL. There are 
> different places in the Pier blog plugin where it creates 
> REST-ful but stateless URLs, just to avoid that everybody 
> updating its feed creates a new session. Pier creates 
> REST-ful and state-full URLs by default, this means the URLs 
> can be bookmarked but Seaside will only try to parse them if 
> the state has been thrown away (aka the session expired).
> A possible strategy for your caching problem would be to do 
> the following. I don't really know if it is worth the pain, 
> make sure that you don't optimize too early:
> - Create REST-ful URLs for all the parts of the application 
> that should be cached. Make sure that you add a special URL 
> parameter to all the parts that should be served dynamically.
> - Let Apache cache all the pages that don't have the special 
> parameter. Do a fallback to the Seaside image if you 
> encounter the parameter or if the requested URL is missing in 
> the cache.
> It sounds quite simple, but I guess there are some tricky 
> hidden parts somewhere in-between. I guess that especially 
> the conversion from the cached to the dynamically created 
> contents and vice versa, could turn out not that trivial.
> Cheers,
> Lukas

Yea, but what the restrictions be for those pages.... no Ajax?  I don't see
Scriptaculous working well on such pages, and I don't write much code
without using Scriptaculous.

Ramon Leon

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