[Seaside] Pre-Configured Squeak with Seaside

Rick Zaccone zaccone at bucknell.edu
Tue Jan 2 15:46:42 UTC 2007

>> On the Squeak download page <http://squeak.org/Download> there is a
>> link to a pre-configured Squeak image with Seaside, Magma, and Pier
>> <http://ftp.squeak.org/various_images/Seaside-Magma-Pier/>.  There's
>> no mention of which version of Seaside this is.  Does anyone know?
>> This should be listed on the page.
> Going to World > Open > Monticello Browser should show you all the
> installed packages, including the version of Seaside.
> Lukas

Thanks, but my point (in part) was that it shouldn't be necessary to  
download the image to find out which version of Seaside it contains.   
The download web page should contain more information about the  
versions of Seaside, Magma and Pier that you will get by clicking on  
the link.


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