[Seaside] Scriptaculous events

Ramon Leon ramonleon at cox.net
Thu Jan 4 14:49:52 UTC 2007

Florian Minjat wrote:
> Hi,
>   I would like to make a div show/hide by clicking on a link but 
> entirely client-side (without communication with the image). I already 
> know how to make it via scriptaculous updater but it can take a few 
> seconds and I want to make it quicker. I tought of testing the events of 

html div
     id: #MyDiv;
     with: 'Some Stuff'.

html anchor
     onClick: (html element id: #MyDiv; toggle;)

Involves no call backs to the server, uses Prototype's Element rather 
than Scriptaculous Updater, is this what you wanted?

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