[Seaside] Integration of scripaculous form element

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 07:08:10 UTC 2007

> I'm interested to port one scripaculous form element ( for example
> one Check-Box ) in an form with standard submitButton.

The comment of #triggerFormElement: basically says it all:

SUAjax>>triggerFormElement: aString
	"Serializing form elements does not always work as one would expect,
since Seaside sometimes depends on extra hidden-fields to be triggered
to be able to perform your callback-block. When encountering a problem
(check-boxes, multi-select lists) try using #triggerForm: instead."

	self addParameter: (SUFormElement new
		id: aString;

In other words, submitting a single check-box or a single multi-select
list does not work, since for those elements Seaside generates some
additional hidden form elements that do not get submitted. Of course
it can be made working, but then you somehow need to submit those
hidden fields as well. Believe me, it is the easiest if you just put a
<form> around check-boxes and multi-select lists ;-)


Lukas Renggli

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