[Seaside] Another Seaside-related blog

Inching Forward inchingforward at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 20:12:22 UTC 2007

Hello all!  I have started a Seaside tutorial at
http://inchingforward.blogspot.com.  I'm new to both Smalltalk and
Seaside, so it is from a newbie perspective.   The tutorial occurs in
a series of blog posts that focus on the creation of a simple
application that grows in size and scope with each entry.  Hopefully
other folks new to Seaside will find it useful.  Any comments or
criticisms can be sent to  inchingforward at gmail.com.

Squeak and Seaside have renewed my desire to create software.   I'm
impressed with the work many of you have done, and I'll try do my part
to shine some light on it.

Thank you,

Mike Janger

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