[Seaside] How to externalize scriptaculous javascript ?

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Mon Jan 8 15:58:10 UTC 2007

I've done this myself to all the libraries here, but I also merged them
into a single file,

aHtmlRoot linkToScript: '/other/scriptaculous/all.js'

If your script fails when you do this, I would recommend installing
something like Firebug (which everyone should have anyway) and debug the
JavaScript errors that come up,


Hope this helps,


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I'de like to externalize the Javascript of scriptaculous into external 
.js files, in order to improve response time.
I copied all contents of SULibrary to several .js files.
In #updateRoot: of my component, I added the following code 
(#javascriptPaths returns a collection of paths) :

CBOConfiguration javascriptPaths do:
		[:each | anHtmlRoot scriptElementWithSrc: each]

When I look at the generated source, I have correct <script> entries, 
which give the same javasript code as when using the SULibrary.

However, I don't have the expected functionality. For example, the 
updater is broken, my code on the server side is never called. If I 
switch back to using "addLibrary: SULibrary" in #registerAsApplication, 
it works again.

Does someone have a clue ?


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