[Seaside] [vw7.4.1]Limit to localhost?

Alan Knight knight at acm.org
Tue Jan 9 21:53:52 UTC 2007

If you're using the Seaside for WebToolkit, when you create the server using the server console, you'll notice there's a section for hostname, and a checkbox for "bind to all interfaces". If you turn off that checkbox, and enter an interface name, then that server will only serve connections coming from that particular interface. So if you specify localhost, it shouldn't be visible from outside. Note that the checkbox is only there when creating the server, not when editing it.

At 02:49 PM 1/9/2007, Carl Gundel wrote:
>What would be the simplest way to modify Seaside so that it can be programmed to respond differently to requests from localhost versus other IP addresses?  I want to create a personal version of my app that cannot be used to serve other computers, but instead only the computer it is running on.  I realize that this approach can be fooled by using a proxy server, but it is a start.
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