[Seaside] Integration of scripaculous form element

Dario Trussardi dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Wed Jan 10 15:19:51 UTC 2007

 Hello All,

i work with VW7.4.1 and seaside support. 

About my problem 
I'm interested to port one scripaculous form element ( for example one Check-Box ) in an form with standard submitButton.

Lukas answer:
<In other words, submitting a single check-box or a single multi-select
<list does not work, since for those elements Seaside generates some
<additional hidden form elements that do not get submitted. Of course
<it can be made working, but then you somehow need to submit those
<hidden fields as well. Believe me, it is the easiest if you just put a
<form> around check-boxes and multi-select lists ;-)

Now my question is : 
    if i use form for check-boxes and multi-select lists what do i do for other element in the page?

    For textInput how i manage the callback ?

    In the SUFormTest class,  for textInput the callback is trigger by submitButton inside the relative form.
    But it is not a elegant solution.

    I have test the liveCallback solution and it work fine, but it's one right solution?
    I can manage the delta time relative to trigger one specific liveCallback?

Thank for any consideration, 

Dario Trussardi Romano

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