[Seaside] Call for help: Seaside performances

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Jan 12 00:20:46 UTC 2007

> That's a pretty neat way of doing it when you partition the 
> application in a predictable manner, be it the hostname or 
> the url token. In our case we'll just have a fat stateful 
> load balancer in front of an army of medium sized servers 
> (multiple VMs across a few servers, actually) that proxies 
> requests round the pool for new sessions and to the matching 
> machine for existing sessions based on their session cookie 
> (or _s parameter, since we use both now), in which case 
> scaling is achieved by adding more machines to the pool and 
> spreading the load evenly across.
> You can also get away with doing simpler IP based load 
> balancing in most cases which saves you cycles on the 
> balancer that are needed to extract the session id and serve 
> as an SSL proxy, exception being the clients from networks 
> where outside gateway keeps changing all the time, which AOL 
> used to do quite a bit, not sure about the state of things nowadays.
> Cheers!
> -Boris

Care to share your Apache config?  I don't need to partition my app like
Dabble, I'm thinking the same as you're doing here, just run a bunch of
images and use Apache to load balance them.  I just discovered
mod_proxy_balancer today, looks like exactly what I need, but I have to
upgrade to 2.2 to use it.

Ramon Leon

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