[Seaside] Call for help: Seaside performances

Vincent Girard-Reydet vincent.girard-reydet at f4-group.com
Fri Jan 12 08:31:26 UTC 2007

Many thanks for all those usefull informations!
For our application things are a bit more hard to partition than 
dabbdle. Basically we have one namespace with many services inside, but 
only 2 or 3 entrypoints. We expect heavy load on each of those entrypoints.

The prototype we have done uses apache first to serve the domain name (3 
virtual hosts on the same server), then proxies all Seaside requests to 
a software load balancer on the same server. The load balancer we use 
for now is HAProxy, but I think the trick of Avi (having an external 
program used in apache) is worth trying. We ran into problems using 
apache proxying and cookies, namely apache's mod_proxy_balancer isn't 
able to stick sessions on the same server. That's why we use HAProxy as 
the load balancer.

Does any one of you have benchmarks of seaside performances? My problems 
is we have very short planning, and Avi's solution seems to require 
quite a lot of development (write the load balancer, write the scripts 
that start/stop the image dynamically, configure apache and debug!!). I 
have to know if it's worth the try, compared to using Java/JBoss (we 
have guys here than push on it).
 From what I understand, the goal is to have each VM serve about 10-50 
connections, and start a new image if more connections happen? Also, do 
you use Squeak or VW for the VM ?


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