[Seaside] Broken SUAllTests

Jens Pall jens at axonspace.com
Mon Jan 15 08:08:58 UTC 2007


I've been searching for complete examples on how to use scriptaculous in 
seaside. My searches on google didn't find anything so I turned to the 
source in Squeak. SUAllTests seemed to be a good place to start so I 
registered it and tried the tests. The page looks fine but, 
unfortunately, nearly all the examples are not working - nothing happens 
when I click the links. Only the two forms on the form tab are working 
and when I click the View Source links the 'popup' window is displayed 
halfway outside the browser window and to the lower left. The main 
window is not grayed either.

The same tests at scriptacuolus.seasidehosting.st are working fine so I 
know my browser (Firefox is working correctly.

I tested this in a 3.9-final-7067 image with only seaside installed 
through SqueakMap seaside-install.

Is this a known issue and if so, how do I fix it?
If not, how should I go about tracking down what's wrong?


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