[Seaside] Re: Squeak-Magma-Pier image failed for magma

Elfi Heck yjgalla at gmx.net
Tue Jan 16 10:46:23 UTC 2007

Hi Norbert,

> I loaded the newest Magma and also code from MagmaTester.
> But it didn't change anything. I built the same image like it
> is described in the SMP image. It results in the same behaviour.
> I couldn't test further as the newer Magma Server doesn't fit
> to the Pier stuff. For instance there are problems through the
> missing openControllers message and the way opening a path 
> changed from FileDirecory to String. And I don't have the time
> to fix it right now.

I have a working 3.9-Seaside/Magma/Pier image here (without "testing" 
packages, however). If you want I can tell you exactly which package 
versions are in it. Basically it's the following:
- Seaside 2.6b1 and its requirements
- Latest Scriptaculous
- Magritte, Pier and Magma (form MagmaTester repository) packages: 
Latest labelled "kph" if one exists, latest otherwise

The last part is important: if you load "lr" Pier packages for example 
they won't work with Magma because only the "kph" packages have the 
neccessary methods.

One last: to be able to actually persist pages I had to rename 
PRMagmaPersistency>>#doing:critical: to #command:critical:. My guess is 
that Keith Hodges renamed the method, but somehow the older version of 
PRMagmaPersistency got in the repository. If Keith is reading this: if 
my guess is wrong and it's a bad idea renaming the method, please tell 
me so.

HTH, Elfi

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