[Seaside] Squeak-Magma-Pier image failed for magma

Chris Muller chris at funkyobjects.org
Wed Jan 17 04:52:23 UTC 2007

> I think the latest Magma has missed some fixes that are in the SMP 
> image, Chris was looking into it, I do not know if he found anything.
> best regards
> Keith

Wow, I am so busted..  I never merged these enhancements!  I'm very
sorry Keith, I remember looking at the first few, but I got swamped and
never actually merged any of them.  I'll get them merged ASAP and post
a new Magma hopefully this week.

In the meantime, Norbert, if you change the following method,
MaTransactionalFileStream>>#open from:

	self isPhysical ifTrue: [ fileStream open ]


	self isPhysical ifTrue: [ fileStream open binary ]

I *think* it will fix the "Outage occured while writing
system-definitions" message.

 - Chris

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