[Seaside] Re: Squeak-Magma-Pier image failed for magma

Elfi Heck yjgalla at gmx.net
Wed Jan 17 14:00:52 UTC 2007

Hi Norbert,

> No, it doesn't. Same error. What I can't understand is that I'm using
> the published image from Keith. And it seems I'm the only one having
> this problem. That bugs me a little bit. I tried even with 3.7-7 vm
> and 3.9-8.
Not the only one. I can confirm that the downloadable image does not 
work (not always work?).
Keith already said too that he will publish a newer preconfigured image 
soon. If you can't wait, your best option is probably building a new one 
from the more recent packages in the respective 
(Monticello-)repositories. If you absolutely have no success, I can 
offer giving you mine, if you can tell me a URL to upload it to 
(wouldn't want to make it publicly available however, because it has no 
instructions workspaces and no unit tests in it).

Regards, Elfi

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