[Seaside] Magrite tutorial

Dario Trussardi dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Wed Jan 17 22:28:37 UTC 2007

Hello All,

i have load the Magrite Tutorial  1.1 in VW Image 7.4.1. update to Seaside 2.6b1.128.0

Now the personeditor page is correct open in the browser.

I'm test to change the label of the first element in the page.

To do it i'have change the descriptionTitle class method of MAPersonModel. ( label:'Title New' )
Now when open or update the page in the browser, the label d'ont change to 'Title New' but it remain 'Title'.

What do i do resolve this problem?

I'm interested to access at the Magritte mailing-list if existing.
    Can i have reference to it?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Dario Trussardi Romano
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