[Seaside] Benchmark proposal

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Thu Jan 18 00:13:19 UTC 2007

> > Just wanted to mention that there is IIRC a bit of work that can be 
> > done in the lower levels of Squeak web serving - at least 
> if you use 
> > KomHttpServer. I profiled and tweaked it quite a bit (2-3 
> years ago) 
> > for fun and managed to squeeze out a substantial improvement.

For fun...  How about a look at this... For fun... I'm having some speed
issues with SoapCore in conjunction with Seaside, i.e., using it with
Seaside so it's kind of on topic....

Using Soap against .Net.  It's my only access to my SqlServer database, and
recently I've noticed that a large part of my performance issues seem to
stem from Soap Decoding.  I'd like to know what you think.  Here's a Message
tally on a result set that takes about 1.7 seconds to return from the
service, but nearly a minute to decode 192 objects...

- 54494 tallies, 54557 msec.

100.0% {54557ms} WBBookingEngine>>soapCallBackDoor:sql:
  100.0% {54557ms} SoapCall>>invokeAndReturn
    97.7% {53302ms} SoapResponse>>returnValue
      |97.7% {53302ms} SoapResponse>>buildAdditionalResults
      |  97.7% {53302ms} SoapResponse>>extractDecodedValueFrom:
      |    97.5% {53193ms} SoapDecoder>>decodeXmlElement:
      |      96.2% {52484ms} SoapDecoder>>resolve
      |        92.0% {50192ms} Dictionary>>valuesDo:
      |          |92.0% {50192ms} Dictionary>>associationsDo:
      |          |  92.0% {50192ms} Dictionary(Set)>>do:
      |        2.7% {1473ms} SoapHref>>resolve
    2.3% {1255ms} SoapCall>>invoke
      2.3% {1255ms} SoapHttpConnector>>send:to:with:
92.1% {50247ms} Dictionary(Set)>>do:

	old			-1,547,728 bytes
	young		-72,492 bytes
	used		-1,620,220 bytes
	free		+1,420,712 bytes

	full			1 totalling 229ms (0.0% uptime), avg 229.0ms
	incr		623 totalling 361ms (1.0% uptime), avg 1.0ms
	tenures		33 (avg 18 GCs/tenure)
	root table	0 overflows

Which leaves me staring at #do: wondering where to proceed from here.  I
emailed the author hoping maybe he'd have a better clue, but if anyone likes
tweaking code... Here's some code that needs tweaking.

Ramon Leon

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