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Found at http://localhost:8080/seaside/faq (SeasideFAQ package)

Subclassing WASession

It is sometimes necessary to subclass WASession. Typical situations for subclassing WASession.

- Need to clean-up external resources when Seaside session expires (reimplement #unregistered)
- Need to attach some data to the Seaside session using additional instance variables
- Need to include additional behavior, statistics, monitoring (reimplement #responseForRequest:)

Seaside applications are assigned their session class using the "config" application ("Session Class" field).
It can also be set programmatically

    app preferenceAt: #sessionClass put: MySession

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> > > When you develop a login process, like the one in Ramon's blog.  
> > > Where is it proper to store the user that is logged on? Is this 
> > > supposed to be stored somewhere in the WASession?
> >
> > Yes, a custom session class is a good place for this, so 
> you can have 
> > access to it from every component with a simple..
> >
> > self session currentUser
> >
> > Also common is
> >
> > self session database
> If I create a subclass of WASession with the currentUser 
> attribute, how do I inform Seaside to use it when I call self 
> session? For it not to pass me a regular WASession Thank you 
> very much for answering Ramón.
> By the way, the work you have been doing with onsmalltalk.com 
> is great, particularly for noobs like me.
> Bye
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