[Seaside] Seaside + Comet

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 16:56:31 UTC 2007

> You are right. The problem is much more complicated. This work is for
> a subject of the faculty. I`m trying to reuse the UIPainter of VW for
> generating the UI for a web application ( with certain restrictions
> and without taking into consideration resources ). So that to migrate
> the same application to the web is just a matter of minutes. My
> approach of solving the problem is to generate the typical UI on the
> server. Then I build proxies of seaside for interacting with the UI (
> of course a subset of the functionality ) and rendering. The main
> objective is to use the same widgets, not custom displayOn: object`s.
> Your help is really appreciated!

I don't know UIPainter. What worked for me to do user-interfaces for
the desktop and for the web is to use Magritte. The content management
system Pier primarily has got a web interface using Seaside, however
almost all functionality can also be used without additional code in
Morphic (the Squeak GUI framework).

> Remember that, the invalidate is call after 5 seconds the first
> request. I can´t find the implementation of html scriptaculous element
> in the canvas.

Why do you make your life difficult with Comet? If you know the update
frequency in advance, then I see no point in using Comet. Have a look
at the class SUPeriodicalTest, why doesn't that work for you?

> Which version are you using? My version is
> Scriptaculous-lr.163.mcz 19 December 2006 3:24:29 pm for VW.

Aha, ok. I didn't know that you are on VW. Don't worry about the
message #scriptaculous, I only started with this refactoring recently
to avoid further pollution of the RenderingCanvas ... it is something
that comes in the future. There is no difference in the behavior.


Lukas Renggli

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