[Seaside] How can I know which version of seaside to load with which version of Scriptaculous

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Wed Jan 24 21:19:48 UTC 2007

> It is simple, use 'Seaside Installer' from SqueakMap and you get a
> working installation including Kom, Seaside, and Scriptaculous. All
> the prerequisites and dependencies are automatically loaded, and they
> will work together.
> To keep up-to-date, you simply load the latest version of Seaside
> (from the Seaside2.7a branch) together with the latest version of
> Scriptaculous.
>> Dependencies will kill us slowly.
> The dependencies between these two packages are only a problem if you
> are using an old version of Seaside and then suddenly want to load
> Scriptaculous with exactly this version. This can be tricky, agreed.
> It is possible, but why not just update to the latest Seaside?

Because this was in a student image and I could not know which  
version of
scriptaculuous I should load. Because I had to load another project  
that required
scriptaculuous but does not mention which version.

> Most projects I have seen use exactly the same schema of keeping the
> dependencies between internal versions: The idea is to have an empty
> root package that has all your project packages and external libraries
> as dependencies. So a common Seaside project will looks like:
> - MyProject-Root
>   - DynamicBindings
>   - KomHttpServices
>   - KomHttpServer
>   - Seaside
>   - Scriptaculous
>   - Magritte-Model
>   - Magritte-Seaside
>   - RSRSS
>   - ... (and more external packages)
>   - MyProject-Model
>   - MyProject-View
> What you do is basically copy all the external dependencies into your
> repository. This makes it possible to load all your code with the
> right dependencies, even maybe after years the original repository is
> gone. You might want to update the external libraries from time to
> time, that's easily possible with the excellent merge facilities of
> Monticello.

Sure but when you load code that is not yours and that does not follow
this pattern that I follow for my project then you do not know.


> Cheers,
> Lukas
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