Hotkey combinations (was: Re: [Seaside] attributeAt:put: equivalent)

Cédrick Béler cbeler at
Thu Jan 25 16:36:45 UTC 2007

> Crap, I wish I'd known this before now.  Lukas, care to do a quick roundup
> of your most used/useful hotkey combinations?  In fact, anyone else as well!
Actually, they are all in the popup menus of pluggable texts morph...

(i) = cmd (or alt or ctrl or pom) + i
(I) = cmd + shift + i

-------- here are the most useful for me...

(c) copy - (x) cut - (v) paste

(d) do it - (p) print it - (i) inspect it - (I) explore it

(s) accept - (L) cancel

*(b) browse it* - *(n) senders of it* - *(N) references to it* - *(m) 
implementors of it*

* (W) selectors containing it * - (E) method *strings* with it...

--------- and some other...

(k) set font - (K) set style - (u) set alignment

(f) find - (g) find again - (h) set search string

(z) undo - (j) do again

(G) file it in - (o) spawn


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