[Seaside] Serving pictures from the image

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Thu Jan 25 17:53:38 UTC 2007

> This is a really helpful tiny FAQ - I wish I had known about 
> it earlier. 
> Thanks Michel.
> Shouldn't this FAQ be advertised on the seaside web page 
> (along with instructions on how to view it)? It clears out 
> many of the problems beginners run into when starting Seaside 
> and try to follow the tutorials found online. Nearly all the 
> tutorials use the old WAHtmlRenderer which is not used by 
> default in a new Seaside installation - this FAQ explains the 
> difference and reasons behind the switch.

You may also commit your knowledge to this package :)

> Regarding the files, I am looking for a way to serve binary 
> data from directly within the image itself, not using files 
> on the external filesystem. I'm planning on using Magma as 
> the persistent repository for everything and don't want to 
> rely on stuff out on the filesystem, hence I need a way to 
> load and serve my images completely from within squeak.

You may want something like this

	(html anchor)
		document: aByteArray 
		mimeType: 'application/msword' 
		fileName: 'report.doc'


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