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Avi Bryant avi at dabbledb.com
Fri Jan 26 08:35:48 UTC 2007

On 1/25/07, Lukas Renggli <renggli at gmail.com> wrote:

> apple+m     i*m*plementors of selected selector
> apple+n     se*n*ders of selected selector

Somewhat tangentially, this message inspired me to hack up something
I've wanted for a while - a single unified search box which does the
various class/method/literal searches you constantly need while
working in Squeak.  Just open the Mercury window (from the world
menu), type something in and hit return.  The syntax, for now, is

Foo        "browse class"
foo         "implementors..."
#Foo        "refs to class"
#foo        "senders..."
Foo*        "find a class (substring match)"
foo*        "find a method (substring match)"
'foo'        "find a string literal"

I'm attaching the .mcz rather than creating a SqueakSource project
because it's tiny and I doubt I'll ever commit a second version...

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