[Seaside] livecallbacks not working after moving to latest Seaside/SeasideAsync...

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sat Jan 27 05:37:14 UTC 2007

Rick Flower wrote:
> I guess I've got my work cut out for me today.. I moved up from 
> Seaside 2.6b1 v108 to the latest
> and greatest (along w/ the latest and greatest SeasideAsync) and found 
> my Seaside ASync stuff
> no longer works (my old code was using a version from last October).. 
> I've fixed my code per
> the comments I read on the list (and in the Cincom public repository) 
> and changed out the
> renderer as needed.. I also changed the base class from WAComponent to 
> WAAsyncComponent. I've also got my code importing SAsyncScripts as 
> well.. Anyway, I've got a breakpoint
> in my code for the livecallback and it never hits.. Did I miss some 
> sort of mod to my code? Below is a sample of my code setting up my 
> callback.
>     (html select) list: aUserList; selected: aUserList first;
>        labels: [:item | item familyId = 1
>               ifTrue: [item nameLast]
>               ifFalse: [item nameLast , ' (#' , item familyId asString 
> , ')'] ];
>       callback: [self error: 'Should not come here'];
>        liveCallback: [:item :h | self renderUsersLiveCallback: item 
> on: h ]
Ok.. I think I got past some of this.. I looked at the aSync tests and 
found that the code
was a bit different... I'm in the process of  converting my code to use 
the Async versions of
the code.. I'm stumped on this one though :

html passwordInput callback:  [:c | self password: ((MD5 hash: c) 
asHexString asLowercase) ]

I get an error when it's calling the callback before its supposed to.. 
If it matters, I've now got my
rendererClass set to WAAsyncHtmlRenderer instead of WAAsyncRenderCanvas 
like the notes indicated.. Any ideas why I should use one renderer over 
the other?  I only started using the first one since that is what the 
test code was doing.. Unfortunately, much of my code is now DOA and 
needs lots of fiddling -- anchors, forms, etc.

Any ideas on what renderer or why my callbacks are being called before 
they're supposed to would be greatly appreciated!

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