[Seaside] Re: Scriptaculous backtracking

Marc marclucchini at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 11:04:27 UTC 2007

> The first thing to notice is that hitting the back-button in your
> browser will go back to the last full page refresh, and this is
> probably much further back than a user would expect. There is not much
> Seaside can do about this. (I know that some frameworks are using
> IFRAMEs to emulate the back button on a finer level, but it is a very
> ugly hack and it works in a few browsers only).

> Even if I fix (2), there is stil (1) that makes it impossible to use
> the back-button for backtracking. However, iIf you do a full refresh
> (a non-ajaxy thing) after the drag-and-drop operation that should be
> easily possible.

All right thanks a lot for those explanations. I'm going to do this without ajax
My first intention was to use Seaside to make all the ajax stuff easy to use and
keep the backtracking possibility. I actually thought Seaside was the
alternative to not-backtrackable-Ajax/Flash-websites but that'll be all right.

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