[Seaside] livecallbacks not working after moving to latest Seaside/SeasideAsync...

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 28 10:01:16 UTC 2007

Rick Flower a écrit :
> Michel Bany wrote:
>> Since your code appears to be using the canvas api, the correct 
>> renderer is WAAsyncRenderCanvas.
>> You would have to use the other renderer for your components that use 
>> the classic api.
> I should have known that, but I guess I wasn't thinking too clearly at 
> the time.. Anyway, I
> FINALLY figured it out..  It turns out that I needed to go into the 
> config page for my site
> and add the WAAsyncScripts library to the WAStandardScripts.. This 
> explains why the sample
> canvas based test code worked but mine didn't -- I guess I wasn't 
> generating the javascript.. Oh
> well.. It took a few hours to figure out, but worked in the end..
> Is this something that was not needed in earlier versions of 
> Seaside/SeasideAsync?  I don't recall
> needing this for my older code, but haven't specifically checked -- I 
> don't recall adding this in
> the older code.
Hi Rick,
This was not needed in earlier. See the publish comment of version 2.6b1.49
(same as in matching Squeak package version)

                                NEW RULES
- Must use WAAsyncRenderCanvas or WAAsyncHtmlRenderer as the #rendererClass
     >>>>> This breaks compatibility, sorry
- Must include WAAsyncScripts library
     >>>>> This breaks compatibility, sorry
- May subclass WAAsyncComponent

See also 

I should have remembered this when you first asked, sorry for the time 
you wasted.


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