[Seaside] Updateable permanent links

Jens Pall jens at axonspace.com
Sun Jan 28 18:44:46 UTC 2007


How can I implement permanent links in Seaside, meaning that if I update 
the content the URL points to, the URL does not change and still 
downloads the new content? I want to use this for file uploads and need 
to be able to pass the link around and having it work even if the file 
is updated later. Basically, I just want plain old web server 
functionality in this case.

The problem I'm facing in Seaside is that when I upload new content it 
gets a new path (_s) since I don't know how to tell Seaside to keep the 
old URL.

Pointing to an external file on the OS filesystem is not a solution 
since I want to store everything in Magma.

Any help appreciated.


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