[Seaside] Fwd: OSCON 2007 Call for Participation Ends Soon

Chris Cunnington cunnington at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 29 00:52:01 UTC 2007

Hi Giles, 

I really enjoyed your webcast movie. I thought it was excellent. I admire
how you had such great editing command over the images and were able to make
them work with what you were saying so well. When I do a webcast, I just do
one take, no editing, and all facing the desktop.

Also the things you had to say about RoR were great for me, because I don't
know anything about that language, and so it was great to see a comparison
of the two. The only other place I've seen something similar is in Bruce
Tate's O'Reilly book "Beyond Java", which is a fun, short read comparing RoR
to ...everything. It's where I heard about Seaside.

I hope your application for a presentation at OSCON meets with success.

Chris Cunnington

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