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Romain Robbes romain.robbes at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 13:49:04 UTC 2007

I've also done something similar, called the Teleporter (couldn't  
find a nice reference to Quicksilver at the time ;-) ...)
It is available as part of BrowserBooster (http:// 

Basically you press cmd-1, enter a piece of text in the little pop-up  
that appears and press enter.

The syntax is different though:

- entering a single substring will look for a class name, then a  
message name (it is case insensitive).
- entering two strings will look for a class and a message (eg "ord  
- multiple parts of a name can be matched if separated by a dot (as  
in "ord.col do")
- multiple matches are shown in a menu (which can be keyboard  
navigable if the preferences are set right)
- commands are by defaults browsing and implementors, but can be  
changed via single-letter prefixes (b = browse, r = references, s =  
senders, i = implementors).
- It can also evaluate smalltalk expressions as they usually do not  
match these patterns (3 + 4 makes you inspect 7).

That's basically it. It can also be easily extended by adding new  
prefixes to create new kind of commands (see the commands category in  
the Teleporter class for that).


Il giorno Jan 26, 2007, alle ore 9:35 AM, Avi Bryant ha scritto:

> On 1/25/07, Lukas Renggli <renggli at gmail.com> wrote:
>> apple+m     i*m*plementors of selected selector
>> apple+n     se*n*ders of selected selector
> Somewhat tangentially, this message inspired me to hack up something
> I've wanted for a while - a single unified search box which does the
> various class/method/literal searches you constantly need while
> working in Squeak.  Just open the Mercury window (from the world
> menu), type something in and hit return.  The syntax, for now, is
> this:
> Foo        "browse class"
> foo         "implementors..."
> #Foo        "refs to class"
> #foo        "senders..."
> Foo*        "find a class (substring match)"
> foo*        "find a method (substring match)"
> 'foo'        "find a string literal"
> I'm attaching the .mcz rather than creating a SqueakSource project
> because it's tiny and I doubt I'll ever commit a second version...
> Avi
> <Mercury-avi.1.mcz>
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