[Seaside] Button w/ liveCallback for Canvas API?

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Mon Jan 29 15:54:07 UTC 2007


> Hmm.. I'm assuming I can't have two submit buttons for the 
> same form -- correct? 

I believe that you may have as many submit buttons as you like in a

> What I'm working on is a sort of shopping cart -- and this 
> button I'm looking for is for the "add-to-cart" button which 
> is why I wasn't really after a true submit until the end of 
> the form when you submit the entire cart contents for further 
> processing on the server side.  I think a anchor will 
> probably work just fine but will probably just have a 
> different look which of course isn't as important as having it work
> properly!  Thanks both of you for the info..   I'll probably pass
> on the Scriptaculou stuff since I don't want to mix or switch my 
> existing async  code over to that different framework (unless the
> async stuff is to be deprecated at some point or similar).  Anyway,
> thanks again!

In any event, I just published a new version of SeasideAsync that
provides live callbacks on submit buttons.

html submitButton
	callback: [3 zork "not evaluated"];
	onClick: ' ... this javascript is executed ...';
	liveCallback: [:r | ... ];
	onClick: ' ... too late, this javascript is not executed ...';
	text: 'Push me'.

If you decide to use it. I'll be happy to fix any remaining bug(s).
Since I have customers using SeasideAsync, this thing has to work.
However, in the long term, it may be easier to re-implement SeasideAsync
as a compatibility layer on top of Scriptaculous.


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